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Fourth Layer Of Protection:
Monitored Fire Protection

Life Alert offers its members an optional added benefit that enhances our home monitoring service: an advanced smoke detection and response system, monitored 24/7 by live dispatchers. Whether you are home or not, Life Alert can send help any time of day or night if fire or smoke is detected.

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Life Alert’s smoke detecting/monitoring units may look similar to ordinary smoke alarms, but they do much more to help save lives.

Whereas a regular smoke alarm just makes a noise in the presence of smoke, a Life Alert smoke detection unit reacts to the presence of smoke or fire by sending a signal to a team of dispatchers, who monitor the detector 24/7. Life Alert dispatchers can then communicate with the subscriber and send appropriate help; in addition, they can send help even if there is no response from the subscriber.

If the batteries become low, Life Alert’s monitoring center will get a signal and call the subscriber when it’s time to replace them.

When you add up all these benefits, regular smoke alarms simply don’t compare; they don’t provide Life Alert’s level of protection and peace of mind.

Other advantages of Life Alert’s fire protection: homeowners may receive a 10 to 20 percent discount on their homeowners insurance with a monitored fire system (depending on insurer), and installation is free.








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* Life Alert defines a life saved, where a subscriber activated the system, had an actual emergency,
was home alone, was unable to get to the phone for help, and Life Alert dispatched help.