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Seizure is a sudden attack, spasm, or convulsion, as in epilepsy. Symptoms include uncontrollable twitching, blackouts, snorting, foaming at the mouth, etc. Many different things can cause seizures, but the most common causes are brain injury, epilepsy, and high fever. While seizures are a very scary thing to witness, they can be treated by anyone with correct knowledge on how to administer first aid to someone with a seizure. Life Alert Emergency Response helps to get help right away and may prevent falls, injuries and / or choking.

People are at an increased risk of having a seizure if they have:

- High blood pressure
- Heart disease
- Head trauma
- Tumors
- Serious infections
- Strokes
- Alzheimer's disease
- Arteriosclerosis

You can minimize the risk of getting a seizure if you:
- Lower your blood pressure
- Take care of your heart problems
- Cut back on alcohol
- Consult a doctor before taking or withdrawal of certain prescription drugs
- Take appropriate medication when you have chronic seizure disorders such as epilepsy

What to do with seizure victims:
1. Make sure that he / she is away from dangerous and hazardous objects.
2. Make sure the person can breath easily to avoid choking as many seizure victims start to vomit or foam at the mouth.
3. Don't restrain the person if he / she is agitated and confused to avoid aggressive response.
4. Watch the time - if the seizure continues for more than couple of minutes, medical help is needed.
5. Loosen the victim's clothing and remove items such as eyeglasses, earrings, etc. When the seizure has ended, let the victim rest. Check for airway, breathing, and circulation.
6. If the victim is not breathing, perform artificial respirations.
7. Life Alert Emergency Response System is the ideal service for seizure victims. Help is at the tip of the fingers.

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