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Heart Murmurs

A heart murmur is an abnormal sound in the heartbeat that results from turbulent flow of blood through the heart.

Innocent heart murmurs
Most heart murmurs are not serious and require no special treatment other than leading healthy lifestyle. Innocent heart murmurs are common in children. They are harmless and usually disappear when a child reaches adulthood.

Valve Problems
Some of heart murmurs may be the result of underlying heart condition such as narrowing of heart's valves or a heart disease. Valve disease occurs when a valve doesn't work the way it should. If a valve doesn't open all the way, less blood can move through the smaller opening. If a valve doesn't close tightly, blood may leak backward. In these cases, medical care is needed; and if the valve is severely defective, surgery may be recommended to replace the damaged valve.

Preventive measurements:

It's important to see the doctor regularly to monitor your condition. Healthy lifestyle, smoke free life, regular exercise and stress reduction keeps heart murmurs under control.

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