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This Valentine�s Day instead of flowers and chocolates
show her you really care with this.

by Heidi Nestor, Writer and Editor, Life Alert

If you’ve been married for 20 or 30 years, don’t rush to the flower shop or candy store this Valentine’s Day - make your life more romantic and her life safer by getting Life Alert Protection.  

With one touch of a button, Life Alert’s remarkable 2-way communication unit alerts our emergency dispatch center where our dedicated and extensively trained dispatchers will talk to you and send help.  Even if you can’t communicate with them, they will still send help.  So, if you’re not sure if that sharp pain in her heart is cupid’s arrow or something more serious, just press the button and emergency help is on the way fast, 24/7, you don’t even need a phone.   

Plus, there’s an added bonus, Life Alert protects the whole family at no extra charge.  Hence, if you find yourself hyperventilating over your beautiful bride of 40 years, just push the button and emergency help will be sent for you or anyone else in the home.
As for adult children of elders, Life Alert makes a great Valentine’s Day present for your parents. Valentine’s Day is the day you show the people you love how much you love them and that includes your parents.  With Life Alert Protection, seniors can continue to live independently without having to give up their lifestyle to go into a retirement home.  A Life Alert gift says you love mom and dad so much that you want them to be safe and protected always.

Falling down can be just as fast and sudden as falling in love, but with Life Alert, help is on the way fast, 24/7.  So this Valentine’s Day don’t get flowers that will wilt, or fattening chocolates, give something from the heart that provides security and independence, get Life Alert Emergency Response System, the gift that shows you really care.


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