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This Memorial Day remember those we lost
and those we still have.

by Heidi Nestor, Writer and Editor, Life Alert

This Memorial Day remember those we lost and those we still have.

The last Monday in May is a three day weekend that – unofficially – starts summer.  It is Memorial Day weekend, when the nation remembers the sacrifices our uniformed men and women made for our freedom and Independence.

It’s also a time when families get together to barbeque, picnic, and jump into pools. As you’re grilling you see mom stumble a bit or perhaps dad doesn’t have as good of a balance as he used to.  You want to talk to them about moving into a retirement community but your elderly parents can be as immovable as Stonewall Jackson. 

In order to prevent a world war from starting you decide to avoid the topic of them moving into a retirement community.  Besides, you already know what they will say, “Hell no, we won’t go!”

But you know that a medical emergency can sneak up on them like Washington crossing the Delaware, and you don’t want them ambushed by a surprise attack such as a fall.

So arm them with Life Alert protection. Life Alert medical alert system has a patented 2-way communication monitor and a lightweight emergency button that can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant. When home emergencies arise, such as medical, falls, fire and even home intrusion, just one press of the emergency button and Life Alert will send in the cavalry.

Moreover, Life Alert’s cutting edge technology makes the emergency button so waterproof that even a Navy Seal would be impressed.

Life Alert’s focus is on Safety and Independence.  So Life Alert sends technicians to different parts of the world to seek new innovative ways of increasing and improving on emergency technology -- as seen with the unique HELP shower button created exclusively by Life Alert.  This waterproof HELP BUTTON is specially designed for better protection in the shower, bathtubs, bathroom, bedroom or any similar location within your home.  Simply attach it somewhere low on a wall or in the shower and if a fall occurs, just push the one large, easily accessible, button to reach Life Alert’s Emergency Monitoring Center. The HELP button has 2-way communication so you can speak with a Life Alert Dispatcher and get HELP fast. Batteries last up to 10 years and never need charging. 

Perhaps your parents wear their age proudly, like battle wounds, and are POWs – Prisoners of Wanderlust.  Traveling about to visit family, national monuments, or just to the senior center for some tennis.  Life Alert’s got them covered with that too with their Life Alert’s Mobile HELP & GPS emergency alert system.  A portable emergency button that with just one push will automatically connect the caller to a Life Alert emergency dispatcher who will assess the emergency and send help fast. 

Just as there are branches of the military protecting our great nation, Life Alert offers branches of protection as well, so homes and families can stay safe and independent. So as you pay homage to those fallen, you may also want to remember the venerable ones that are still with you.
This Memorial Day, put a flag on a soldier’s headstone and put a Life Alert medical alert on the people you love.  To know more about the many life-saving protection packages Life Alert offers, please call 1-800-380-0768.

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