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Life Alert News: Instead of a Retirement Home, Compromise with a Button.

by Heidi Nestor, Writer and Editor, Life Alert

Your father’s house may not be full of expensive contemporary furniture, a high-end stereo system, and there’s not a big screen, flat, TV in sight. Instead, the cozy home is encapsulated with a conservative décor consisting of memory-filled pictures of family and friends, knick-knacks from past adventures abroad, and possibly an artifact from a distant relative. These are the personal relics that really matter.

I don�t live alone. I have Life Alert.

Though you may have voiced concerns about your elderly father living alone, the recent addition of a dog is a nice touch but it hasn’t really eliminated your “What if” concerns over dad.  Yet, he refuses to go into a retirement home; it just isn’t cost effective for him. Besides, he loves his house, garden, and the neighborhood and wants to remain living in his own home independently. 

If dad doesn’t require round-the-clock nursing care, then he can stay in his own home for as long as possible with the aid of Life Alert’s 24/7 Emergency Response Monitoring.

Life Alert is a medical alert system specifically designed to enhanced senior living and senior independence through 24/7 monitoring. The system has a two-way communication monitor that sits on a flat surface, and an emergency button that is conveniently compact and small enough to be tucked into a shirt or covered by a long sleeve to keep out of sight. Moreover, it’s lightweight and waterproof making it easy to wear in the shower and tub, where the elderly are most vulnerable to falls.

If dad needs help, he simply presses the help button on the pendant or wristband and an emergency dispatcher will notify help; contact any family or friends, if requested; and stay on the line with him until help arrives.  If dad is not able to talk, the dispatcher will send help fast. But that’s not all; the dispatcher will be able to notify the medics of any prior emergencies or medication use that may be relevant to the emergency.

The best part is, Life Alert’s medical alert service is cheaper than a big screen, flat, TV. Actually, it’s less than a dollar a day.  So, for Father’s Day, get dad the gift he really wants, his freedom and independence, by getting him a Life Alert.  But next year, definitely get him the big screen, flat, TV – dad’s love that.


Actual Life Alert Testimonial

Dad fell on the 4th of July. He could not get up off the floor and pushed his Life Alert watch button. He was so relieved to hear the Life Alert technician talk to him over the Life Alert speaker. Life Alert dispatched the paramedics and notified all of us so quickly. We are so thrilled and much more comfortable with Life Alert watching while dad lives in his own home safely.  

E. T., Torrance, CA


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