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Carbon Offsetting

Reprint of an article by Davinos Greeno from the Article Codex website,

Introduction by Dr. Don Rose, Writer, Life Alert


Global warming has been gaining an increasing amount of attention during the past few years, and the February 2007 Oscar win by Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” is likely to accelerate the awareness of this problem. This article discusses the concept of “carbon offsetting” -- ways to offset the amount of carbon dioxide (i.e., pollution) that one generates during day to day activities. The more people strive to remain carbon neutral via carbon offsetting, the greater the odds that we may eventually slow down or even reverse the warming of our planet.  --Don Rose


Carbon Offsetting

Well, basically carbon offsetting helps you to offset the carbon dioxide that you use when flying or driving etc by planting trees or installing solar panels and thereby removing your contribution to global climate change. You contribute to pollution by driving; you reduce the pollution by planting trees! You are carbon neutral! 

What is Carbon Dioxide?

Carbon Dioxide is an inevitable product of the way we all live today. It is produced primarily through the burning of fossil fuels in:

  • electricity generation
  • the powering of vehicles, trains and aircraft
  • home heating and cooking (gas, wood, coal, oil)

Using Renewable Energy is one way of reducing the amount of fossil fuel that we burn via homes and businesses.

Gases released into the atmosphere by human activity are forming an insulating barrier around the Earth, preventing the natural release of heat from our atmosphere. There are a number of gases that are held responsible for this process, which is sometimes referred to as ‘the greenhouse effect’. While methane and other gases contribute to the problem, the chief culprit, by virtue of the volumes produced, is carbon dioxide. Currently, around one quarter of carbon emissions are absorbed by the soil and one quarter by the oceans.

The Kyoto Protocol, negotiated by more than 160 nations, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by setting legally binding emissions reduction targets for developed countries. Under Kyoto, the UK’s target is to cut its emissions by 12.5 percent below 1990 levels by 2008-2012. However, the UK government is convinced that the UK can and should go further. The Kyoto Protocol is only the first step. The Government has therefore set a domestic goal to go further than the Kyoto commitment and cut the UK’s emissions of carbon dioxide by 20 percent below 1990 levels by 2010.

You Can Make a Difference, This is How

You, your business or employer may be already taking steps to tackle their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at source using renewable energy and efficiency measures wherever possible. An initiative that offers extra action for businesses is to offset their remaining CO2 emissions through tree planting.

By supporting tree planting across the UK, businesses can help to create valuable woodland that will grow to sequester (absorb and store) CO2 pollution and in so doing, help with the fight against climate change.

In addition to the environmental benefits of absorbing atmospheric carbon as they grow and mature, woodland provides a rich and important habitat valued by wildlife and people alike.

By using a simple carbon calculator you can obtain an idea of how much carbon dioxide you, your family, your business are responsible for producing each year. Using data sources you can calculate how many trees you need to plant to offset or balance your carbon dioxide production. Your lifestyle can then be said to be carbon neutral or balanced.

Visit GuideMeGreen for various companies that can neutralize your carbon contribution.

About Davinos Greeno

Davinos Greeno works for the organic directory. This green directory lists 100s of Organic Food and Drink Companies and Eco Jobs and Ethical Companies.

The article above is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License. The information provided is, to the best of our knowledge, reliable and accurate. However, while Life Alert always strives to provide true, precise and consistent information, we cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy. Readers are encouraged to review the original article, and use any resource links provided to gather more information before drawing conclusions and making decisions.

Dr. Don Rose writes books, papers and articles on computers, the Internet, AI, science and technology, and issues related to seniors.

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